Block Calls Get Cash and the TCPA

The Block Calls Get Cash app was developed to help you effortlessly exercise your rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).The TCPA was originally enacted by Congress in 1991 to put an end to annoying computerized and telemarketing calls. It laid the foundation for the National Do-Not-Call Registry ( and a variety of regulations.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues most of the regulations related to the TCPA. In October 2013, the FCC enacted tighter restrictions regarding telemarketing calls and robocalls.

icon_phoneWhat are robocalls? They are calls made using an automated dialer or robo-voice. In other words, instead of a person dialing your number, a computer dials your number. Instead of a person speaking when you answer the phone, a recorded voice or computer voice answers the phone. Sometimes, it’s obvious that you’re being robocalled. Other times, it’s subtler; for example, there may be a period of silence while you are connected to a live person.

TCPA regulations say that a business must have consent from you before robocalling your cell phone. For sales calls, the consent has to be written. Written consent can be given on paper (via a signed credit card application, for example) or electronically (clicking – or failing to unclick – a box on a web form, for example). A business that has your written consent must also give you the opportunity to revoke that consent, for example by pressing a number on your telephone keypad.

The TCPA gives consumers the right to sue companies in violation of the Act and receive actual monetary damages or $500 for each violation, whichever is greater. It also says that, if the violation occurs willfully and knowingly, the court can triple the damages, up to $1,500.

icon_questionWhat does this mean for you? If you’ve received five illegal robocalls from the same company, you could recover $2,500 to $7,500. If you’ve received 10 illegal robocalls from the same company, you could recover $5,000 to $15,000.

It can be difficult to know whether a call is illegal under the TCPA, and it can be tough to gather the evidence you need to make the case in court. That’s where Block Calls Get Cash comes to the rescue.

If you receive a robocall, BCGC prompts you to answer a few simple questions. The information is reviewed by Lemberg Law, the most active consumer law firm in the country. The legal team evaluates the documentation and notifies you if the caller may have violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If so, you can choose to take the caller to court with zero out-of-pocket costs. What could be simpler?